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Sales Agents

We are looking for experienced old-school sales agents to sell our apps.

The Products

Shared Apps

As you will see from the home page, we have developed code that allows us to distribute 

multiple client apps through a single App published in Apple and Google Play stores.


This allows us to provide apps at a fraction of the usual app cost, opening a vast new market of customers who have been previously excluded from having an app.

We have developed and published these generic apps for your customers to use. 

  • Pubs

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Events & Events Companies

  • Shops

  • Wedding Organisers (in any industry roll

  • General App requirments

  • Local Traders

Unique Native Apps

Utilising our code, we can make an individual app for clients. However, the costs are a lot higher than utilising one of our shared apps as this product needs to be individually built and published in the client's own Apple developer account, which has an annual fee of £80. 

Market Testing

We have been testing sales in Manchester for the last two months, selling to pubs, restaurants, roofing contractors, a radio station, vaping shops, hotels, events, shops, weddings, Thai Massage parlours and even single Airbnb owners.

1deal done in every 2 meetings

App Costs

In general, the Annual app costs are as follows:

  • Shared apps - £300

  • Native Apps - £1250 


  • Design - Shared Apps - £75

  • Design - Native app - £500

  • Annual App Management Shared Apps - £120

  • Annual App Management Native Apps - £300

All prices are exclusive or VAT

Remuneration / Commission

We have a straightforward commission scheme for signing up clients.

The fee structure allows agents to build an annual annuity income, so you get paid year after year for all previous sales.


We have a straightforward commission scheme for signing up clients. The fee structure allows agents to build an annual annuity income, so you get paid year after year for all previous sales.




We pay the following commission rates in the first year depending on the initial period the client signs up for:

  • For a one-year order - 20% of the net App value 

  • For a two-year order - 25% of the net App value

  • and a three-year order - 30% of the net app value

We pay an ongoing annual commission (from year two onwards) of 10% on the value of renewing agreements, including any extras.


Payment Terms


In the first year, we require clients to make full payments on orders using a credit or debit card. Clients can opt to pay seven days from the date of order and receipt of our invoice (a £50 admin fee applies for this payment method). 


All our contracts are auto-renewing. A Client's contract will automatically renew, after the initial period, for one year at a time, if it is not cancelled in writing at least 24 hours before the renewal date, which is the anniversary date and time the original contract was signed. All our contracts are auto-renewing. 


We pay commissions within 24 hours of receipt of the client's full payment.


We do not deal in cash payment on any agreement. Agents are not permitted to agree to cash payments.

Sign up as an agent

Please fill out this form, sign and date and we will send you a copy for your records. 

How Shared Apps Work

How shared Apps work

This process is extremely quick and very simple to get, make and go live.

  • Complete the online order form.

  • Choose a Shared App container.

  • Complete the App information form with your initial instructions

  • Pocket Apps will aim to build your App within 48 hours 

  • An App proof will be sent to you.

  • Amendments will be made

  • We will train you to update and maintain your new App.

It really couldn’t be any simpler than that!

Widgets & Data Sets

Pocket Apps owns a collection of data sets that you can include in your App as part of the agreement.

Things to do -15,000 

Restaurants - 6,000

Pubs - 25,000

Cinemas - 800

Beaches - 456

Doctors - England & Wales 25,000

Schools - 25,000 (with OFSTED report)

Supermarkets - 24,000

Our Work

Native App

Native apps are Full bespoke apps:

  • CL Booking, with 280 caravan sites, each with its own customised App;

  • Pocket London Guide, with 350 hotels, each with its own App;

  • PlayPolo, with 358 Polo clubs, each with its own customised App.

CL BOOKING Android Icon (512 × 512px).png

CL Booking

for Certified Licenced sites across the UK

CL Booking is a caravan booking website and App. Within the CL Booking App, we have created 280 individual caravan site Apps, each showcasing the caravan site, facilities, local amenities and other relevant and noteworthy information for guests.

Click Here to learn more.


Pocket London Guide

London's best visitor guide App

This is our premier App! We have built 350 individual hotel Apps, together with each hotel’s information and services, booking services, local amenities, and directions, providing a comprehensive hotel App and London guide all in one!

Click Here to learn more.



The first App to unite the worldwide game of Polo!

PlayPolo is a customer with 358 individual Polo Club members. Each club has their own customised App which showcases the club and all its amenities and sport. It will soon house some 800 individual club Apps across the world!

Click Here to learn more.

NZ Apple Icon (1024 × 1024px).png

Event & Training Hub

for NewZealand Olimpic Team Training App

Organise and manage the training schedule of members of the NewZealnd  Horse Show Team 

Cornish Lavender2.png

Cornish Lavender 

London's best visitor guide App

Our vision is to create a welcoming, calm space for people to visit, enjoy, relax and learn new skills in the sanctuary of the Cornish lavender field in bloom.

Delphis Icon.png

Delphis Eco

Product Training App

Founded in 2007, Mark Jankovich's ambition was simple: build a business that would have a net positive impact. He discovered that most cleaning products were harmful for the environment and the people using them, so he wanted to change this. 

Shared Apps

Shared Apps

The core of our offering is Shared Apps where customers may utilise one of the generic Apps we have placed in the App stores.

Our App

For almost any business or organisation

This App container is designed to be as generic as possible, to allow an unlimited number of businesses the ability to utilise it, at a fraction of the cost of developing a bespoke App.

Click Here to learn more


Our Event App

If you are running an event this is the App for you

Pocket Apps can provide you with an App for your event. Events such as cocktail parties, weddings, birthday parties, conferences etc, have all used this App. It is extremely versatile and provides a great solution.

Click Here to learn more

Our Hotel App

If you run a small hotel this is the perfect App

Pocket Apps will showcase your hotel and services, local amenities, and other handy information for your guests so that they can get the most out of their stay.

Click Here to learn more

Our Shop App

If you run a retail outlet of any kind, then this is the App you have been looking for!

To give your outlet the edge in the marketplace, embed Shopify or one of the other online shops, or alternatively use our built in store, with payments collected using Stripe.

Click Here to learn more


Our Food App

If you run a restaurant or take-away outlet then look no further!

If you have a restaurant, takeaway and delivery business, then this App is the perfect complement to your business. You can embed menus, and take orders and payments directly from customers, saving you huge amounts in commission charges to the likes of Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats.

Click Here to learn more


Our Pub

If you run a pub, then this is the App for you!

This bespoke mobile App is designed specifically for pubs and bars so that they can promote themselves and live events, get directions to the pub and take table bookings. It’s everything you need in one App!

Click Here to learn more

Local Traders (White).png

Local Traders App

If you run a B&B, then this is the App for you!

This App showcases Local traders, and provides Customers with detailed information of our customers


This App is free of charge for users,






Click Here to learn more


Our Wedding App

The smart way to manage your big day!

A game-changing, bespoke mobile App designed to streamline your wedding day!

You can:

  • Send invitations

  • Collect RSVP’s

  • Collect guest dietary requirements

  • Specify dress codes

  • Suggest a song

  • Collect photos and messages from guests

  • And much, much more!

Reseller Apps

Reseller Apps

We offer a reseller service for organisations that have a demand for multiple Apps for their clients/members.

If you are a hotel, or wedding organiser, or run events of any kind, we can provide you with a multi-App service for delegates and visitors to your events.

For example, a hotel may hold several weddings and events each year, and with Pocket Apps, they would be able to produce an App for each individual event.

If you would like details of this service, please look at 

For any questions, assistance or comments, please reach out to us!

Thanks for contacting us, we will be back in touch very soon.

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