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The App Manual

You have seen the videos but for clarity please click the link or scan these QR Codes to see how the app works.




If a user happens across the BSHA App In either the Apple or Android App stores, they will download by default the BHSA main app, showcasing everything about the sport.


The only way a user can see your app is to either scan your unique QR Code or use your unique app link.


App 1 - Britsh Hound Sport Associations Main App.


Scan this code or click the link to download the app. Once installed on your phone open the app and you will see the BHSA App showcasing everything the Association offers.




App 2 - Demo App 


Scan this QR code to download the Demo Hunt App - If you have already downloaded the App you will see that the app opens and automatically replaces the BHSA main app. 


This app is designed for you to learn all about what the Hunting app can do your your Hunt and showcases all the services we offer.












App 3 - North Cornwall Hunt App


Download the live North Cornwall Hunt live App.  Follow the same steps as demonstrated in Apps 1 and 2 shown above.





How to retrieve Apps that have disappeared after downloading a new app?


You must be wondering where the previously downloaded apps have gone and how to retrieve or delete them.


On the home page of each app you will see the Heart Symbol at the top of the page click on that and you will see a set of bookmarked apps.  Simply click on the one you wish to view and it will appear. 


If you wish to permanently remove an app from the list please click the heart button on the app you wish to remove and it will be deleted from your phone.















This is a very simple product to use and in most cases, users will only

download your Hunt App. 

British Hound Sports AssociationQrcode.png
Demo App.png
North Cornwall HuntQrcode.png
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