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Our Pub

This App allows Pubs & Bars to have an App in both the Apple & Android App stores at a fraction of the price of developing a tailored App.

How it Works

We provide each business with an editable self-managed App to give to customers using a unique link and QR Code. 


When these links are used using a mobile phone or tablet, your customer is taken to either the Apple or Android App store (decided by the phone type they are using) and invited to download the "Our App" App to their device.

When they open the App, they see the business's App.

Please note: the only compromise is that the icon on customers' phones is a non-branded generic App icon.


Should one of your customers receive another link (or several links) from other businesses, the "Our App" container will bookmark all Apps 9Heart Icon on the App home page) so the user can flip between the businesses as required

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